A natural progression

When Kelly Bayfield and Kev Walford approached me with a view to shooting the images for their forthcoming album “Walkin’” it was a natural progression of events.  In partnership with Tranquil Soul Photography I had shot Kelly’s wedding a few months previously.


Former RAF Bentwaters was chosen as the location because of it’s potential and, far more importantly, we had permission to use it!


It is May in England.

It is blustery, wet and sunny, but above all windy.

The Crew

Tony Bell
Photographer – pictures
Kelly & Kev
Musicians – songs & stuff
Mat Bayfield
Director – Ideas and naps



At the original concept meeting the ideas we had floating about concentrated on the idea of legs and feet, shot from behind, with a road leading off into the distance.  Old shoes, journeys, togetherness and other similar metaphors floated over the tapas and cider.

OK – 42 may have been an exaggeration!

The Shots

The boots and shoe shots became walks along the runway. The bullet pocked stop sign brought forward a new set of ideas, as did the piles of logs and the wooden crates. As we were leaving we pulled over on seeing the long grass and one more runway shot – the one that became the cover shot.

Magazine Cover

…and a little fun in photoshop!