What is The Froize? Practically speaking it is a most excellent restaurant hidden away in the village of Chillesford, Suffolk.

But what is a “Froize”?  For that answer you need to ask proprietor David Grimwood.  The answer you get will depend on the day of the week, the amount of liquid in your glass and how gullible your host thinks you might be!

It could be an old French name for “Friar”, the original pub being where the prior of nearby Butley Priory stopped off for his weekly tipple.  Or maybe it is the sound made by the Northern Pintail Duck as it swoops in to feed on the ponds.  Take your pick.

Regardless of all of that The Froize is a gathering place for people who enjoy good food, good friendship and music.  Oh, and who don’t take themselves too seriously!

Not all Froizian events take place at the auditorium in Chilliesford.  Sometimes there is the marquee in the garden, or the Film Theatre in Leiston or even the wedding venue at Wantisden Valley.

The Froize
Chillesford Woodbridge
IP12 3PU

01394 450 282