My passion for photography came from my Dad.  He was a keen amateur who enjoyed the mechanics and chemistry involved as much as composing the end result.

I was hooked the minute I saw an image appear in the developing tray on what had been seconds before, a blank sheet of photographic paper.

Dad was generous with his time and equipment, loaning me his precious single lens reflex Contaflex and his beautifully engineered twin lens Rolleiflex.

He took time to explain the three essential elements you need when developing the perfect image: time, temperature and twaddle!

Little did either of us know then what we had started. Then one day I took a camera to a gig, the shots were awful, but I knew then that I wanted to photograph musicians.

Not studio portraits. Live musicians, where you have no control over light, costume, posture or pretty much anything at all.

But first would come commercial shoots, rabbit food, the inside of television tubes, reflective road signs (at night!) and sport.

Technically, the equipment I use today is light years ahead of what I used when I started.  The basic principles of exposure, composure and patience have not changed a bit.

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